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A Fraud Investigator with a vengeance

I will stand up and fight diplomatically.

Prosecute Welfare Fraud. 

Help the Homeless

Protect our Vets, Elderly and Disabled

Save Social Security

Keep Taxes and Regulations LOW / No New Laws

Deport ALL criminals  / Build a Huge Wall

12 Years off Government assistance before applying for citizenship.

Love our Nation, or Leave. Keep it Simple.

Free Ticket Home to those that do not love our Country.

"Finders Keepers", Rewarding Americans 10% savings for reporting fraud.

Remove "Self Regulation from California's disbursement of Federal welfare

Remove "Self regulation" from California Child Support Services, Audit.

Cross Check different public agencies to find Welfare Abusers

Prosecute section 8 housing criminals.

Prosecute food stamp lairs.

Increase Educational funding.

Increase Local and State private businesses, stimulate job growth.

Protection for All Constitutional Rights

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Stand with me.  Lets prosecute and eliminate welfare fraud, government waste, and other wrongful spending of the government.

How:  With the "Finders Keepers" program that I drafted and prepared a Bill that is ready for fine tuning and legislative review of our Reps in Congress.

What is it, it is a Bill that would reward U.S. Americans for "whistle-blowing" on agencies, or individuals that wrongfully abuse the system, intentional or not.

The GAO, Government Accountability office would administer this program.  An individual would log in their information, and describe, in enough detail, how waste is being committed, and the possible corrective solutions.

There are at least seven categories of wasteful and unnecessary spending that can be reduced from our national debt, they are :

1, Programs that should be devolved to state and local governments;

2, Programs that should be removed from state and local governments;

3, Programs that could be better performed by the private sector;

4, Judicial interaction for those recipients should not be entitled to government benefits;

5, Outdated and unnecessary programs;

6, Duplicate programs; and

7, Inefficiency, mismanagement, and fraud.

The U.S. American would furnish this information to the GAO, the GOA would send it the ladder for further review, if action is taken and a savings is achieved, the Whistle-Blower would be rewarded up to a maximum of 10% of the annual savings associated with the case.

Currently, there is no incentive for U.S. American's to assist in the reporting of, fraud or waste.  We need a law created to assist in the elimination of wasteful and fraudulent spending.


As of 2016: About $2.7 trillion, more than two-thirds of the total federal tax revenue collected, went for various kinds of social insurance (Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, unemployment compensation, veterans benefits and the like). Another $604 billion, or 15.3% of total spending, went for national defense; net interest payments on government debt was about $240 billion, or 6.1%. Education aid and related social services were about $114 billion, or less than 3% of all federal spending.

Every other program -- public broadcasting, NASA, national parks, foreign aid, and everything else -- adds up to the remaining 6% of the federal budget. Here's how each major spending area breaks down:

24% Social Security

15% Medicare

15% Defense

13% Health

13% Income Security

6% Net Interest

5% Veterans Benefits

6% Other

3% Education


If we can save money on fraud and wasteful spending, we can either lower taxation to the citizens paying taxes, or we can apply more revenue to existing programs. Easy.

We can reduce our national debt, we can spend more on education, technology, infrastructure, V.A. Benefits, elderly and disabled benefits, and other wonderful programs.  All without raising taxes.

We as U.S. Americans, contribute to these programs, if qualified, we should receive them. 

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I am a U.S. American patriot, veteran, and family man. I believe in our constitutional rights, the environment, family values, Americans should be a priority before we assist outside nations, and I believe that elected officials should represent the American peoples "best interest" first. 

I can't take the bureaucratic lies and certain governmental conditions anymore. I am a U.S. Marine Corps vet, I believe in the United States of America and I respect each American's rights and liberties in this great nation. In Congress, I will help take back, and re-give these liberties to you, the American people.

Major items of concern to address in Congress:

Homelessness. Prisons. Schools. Children being shot down on our streets. Poor quality drinking water. Low air quality. Welfare and Voter fraud. Government mismanagement. Excessive Governmental spending. Excessive tax increases. Too much Governmental control over our lives. Pollution. Racism. Corporate control and money in politics. 

We need to walk away from the corporate-controlled Democratic Party.

I'm advocating fairness, economic justice, and respect—for all Americans.

Family, Ecology, Equality, Democracy, and Peace. 

"Finders Keepers Program" a legislative bill. 

Keep all Constitutional Guarantees in place.

Rule Of Law

Enforcement of Current Laws, before enacting new laws.

Make Government workers and administrators accountable for their actions.


Why vote Republican

Today, California is controlled by one party that recklessly raises our taxes, spends our money, and suffers no consequences for breaking federal and state constitutional law. 

Businesses are leaving, jobs are either leaving or closing.  

Democrats feel that raising taxes and increasing the size of the government will make the economy better, this is wrong. 

Sacramento’s solution to the problem is higher taxes for their gross overspending. The people in the 58 counties of California are ready for a new direction. 

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