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The Platform

Serving The Community


Keeping families together, ALIENS off Welfare and Registered with I.C.E. for 12 year's, can start a paths to citizenship. Deport criminals, Applicants must be financially stable and off welfare for 12 years. Love our Nation or Leave. Aliens NOT living on TAX PAYER funded programs, and Aliens that are contributing to society, and do not have a criminal history, can start a 12 year path to citizenship.  

It is NOT a right, for Foreign Nationals to be in the United States.  

Law Enforcement: Enforce existing Laws, stop creating frivolous regulations. Apply law equally for all, not selective. 

Build the Wall and Secure our BORDER   


United By A Common Goal

 Stop increasing TAXES, make the Government more efficient and remove outdated agencies. Prosecute welfare fraud. Prosecute voter fraud. Prosecute intentional governmental waste and false spending. Keep the "freedom of choice" for all. Equal Protection, Zero Discrimination. Prosecuting Fraud, Correcting Government Waste, Stopping tax Increases, and transferring the savings to reducing the Deficit, increasing education grants, and Protection of Social Security, Disabled, Elderly and Veterans Benefits, Americans First / Family First

God Country and Family 

Love our Nation / or LEAVE

Lambert's Beliefs

First Term Abortion is a choice / Pro Choice

No Late Term Abortion

PRO Second Amendment, and ALL AMENDMENTS

Consititution-Bill of Rights-Amendments

Rule of Law, Prosecute all Crimes

Deport Criminals / Build a Huge Wall

Prosecute Welfare and Voter Fraud

Stop excessive Taxation

Remove Frivilous Regulations

Increase worker Take Home Pay

Russ, your candidate is bipartisan, a minority candidate that can win this race. a US Marine Veteran, Fraud Investigator and Department of Homeland Security employee, that is fighting for all our rights as Americans.

Give me your Feed Back, I want to hear from you.

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About Us

Preservation of the Constitution

Rule of Law.  Legal Migration,  Equal Justice. Women's Choice. Preservation of ALL Amendments. Fairness in law.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

We do not need more laws and regulations, we simply need proper Enforcement and Prosecution of associated with existing laws and regulations.  Millions of innocent U.S. Americans, should not be held accountable for a few criminals. 

ALIENS that commit crimes, needs to be prosecuted just like all Americans. NO MORE CATCH and RELEASE.  Democrats feel it is "Wrong" to prosecute aliens, because it may lead to DEPORTATION, sorry, FOLLOW the LAW, LOVE OUR NATION, or LEAVE.  


Stop throwing good money after bad. Eliminate wasteful spending. Prosecute Welfare Fraud. Save Social Security, preserve elderly, disabled and Veteran benefits.  The State of California is "Self Regulated"  in the administering of federal Welfare Benefits, There are six major U.S. welfare programs. They are TANF, Medicaid, Food Stamps, SSI, EITC and Housing Assistance. The federal government provides the funding., California does the administering. California is a "Sanctuary State", without proof of income, identity or other eligibility, any criminal applicant that wants free money can simply perjure an application without fear of recourse, (no prosecution).  This costs taxpayers BILLIONS.  We need the federal Government to regulate the administering of Welfare benefits to Sanctuary cities and states.  Child Support Services is also a federal program, Self Regulated by the individual states, funding going through Dept Health and Human Services.   This entity needs to be audited and addressed.

Finders Keepers Program

Administered by the GAO, U.S. Government Accountability Office , U.S. Americans that "Whist-Blow" on Welfare Fraud recipients, Child Support Services fraud, Section 8, Food Stamps, or  Government Agencies that are wastefully spending (as an example), when the waste or fraud if verified and corrected, the U.S. American that assisted in eliminating the frivolous tax payer waste, is rewarded up 10% of the annual savings.  An estimated 140 BILLION dollars alone is attributed to welfare and medical fraud per year.

SAVINGS: With the savings credited back from fraud, new programs can be initiated by government, such as more funding for education, research and development for renewable resources and other wonderful programs to benefit and advance the United States.