Russell Lambert, Congress 2018 46th District / Equal Protection for All / No Racism

2767 W. Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA. 92804
( 714) -729-4350 / ( 562) -254-4868 / Proud U S American - Veteran - Republican
Russell Lambert, congress 46th District /   republican



Anaheim, Orange, Santa Ana California

Russell Rene Lambert II, Congress 2018  REPUBLICAN

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The Issues

About our Candidate

PROBLEM: Higher Taxes, Excessive Regulations, Racism, Discrimination, Contaminated Drinking Water, Air Quality, Voter and Welfare Fraud, Government Wasteful Spending :  These are some issues facing Orange County.      

I have the the training, knowledge and abilities to speak out and fight for the rights of the people in Santa Ana, Orange and Anaheim California.  For All, Equally. 

I will not  hide or disappear now, or ever.  

I will face all challenges, easy or hard, 

I will act professionally. 

You can call me anytime. 

My Direct Phone: 562-254-4868 Russ Lambert

Issues that Russ Lambert can address:

VOTER AND WELFARE FRAUD:  There are Millions of US Americans that legally vote.  There are Hundreds of Thousands that use Welfare in a legal and proper manner.  However, there are a few that abuse these two privileges. I have a Bill I want to present to Congress that will eliminate this fraud by up to 80%, saving taxpayers BILLIONS of lost revenue. Voter and Welfare fraud is a FELONY, and it needs to be enforced. A simple cross check from federal agencies, will separate the Law Abiding citizens from the criminals, through a simple use of a computers and trained Fraud investigators.


The Wall issue needs to be addressed, we have to secure our borders.  Too many US Americans have fallen victim to crimes that could have been prevented.

Less Governmental Regulations, so business can flourish and workers can prosper.  More "Take Home" pay, means more family spending.  You choose where your money goes. We need Regulations, just not the ones that "Over-Reach" and "Dictate:

Clean Air, so our youth will have a tomorrow to raise their children in. Air Quality is important for both today and tomorrow.

Clean Water: Do we really need Fluoride or other chemicals added to our water by government agencies ?.. We what new technologies do we have for desalinating water from the ocean.  Lets review this for the future of our children.

Lower Taxation for all, excessive taxation and wasteful spending is seriously harming Orange County.  If we catch and prosecute Welfare fraud recipients, and eliminate government waste, we will have excess money to fund current and future budgeting concerns of our nation.

Less Government: Our government is too big, more production could be achieved with the same "on hand" assets and more accountability by officials.

Healthcare should be a constitutional choice, not forced upon us by Democrats.  Healthcare competition needs to be expanded to bring prices down.  "Choice", the right to "Choose".

Jobs: Equal pay for equal work, no matter what gender, race or nationality.  

Education, it should not be nationalized, each state should determine what is right for its citizens.

Finders Keepers program: I wrote it, reward U S Americans for turning in wasteful spending programs allowed by certain government agencies. Eliminating wasteful spending will save BILLIONS of U S Tax Dollars. "10% Reward for helping to eliminate Government waste" offered to all US Americans, supervised by the GAO.

Preservation of our Constitutional Freedoms. easy, i don't need to go into detail.  I agree with the Bill of Rights, Constitution, and all of the amendments. Period.


These are a few of my stances. I AM ALWAYS OPEN FOR DEBATE. I can always reconsider my opinion based on the reasonableness of new information.  

Russell Rene Lambert, call me 562-254-4868 

Supported measures

Modernizing Immigration laws

Immigrants are a strong part of the United States.  Diversity can only help to make and keep America Strong.

Congress needs to overhaul our current immigration laws, WE NEED A WALL.  Too many lives have been affected by CRIMINAL aliens, if illegal aliens give us a problem in our home, lets send them back to their home. They can not live on our tax payer money, Americans first. 

Disabled Americans, Veterans, ALL Americans before illegal aliens.  

We need to give a path for citizenship one last time, to those that snuck across our border, allowed upon by past administrations.  Those law Abiding Aliens, aliens not on welfare, not sucking up our welfare system, those that do not hurt or harm our American way of life, lets give those individuals a chance.  To those that contribute, and follow our law.  Deport the rest. The United States of America MUST stand by a united policy of "LOVE" the United States of America, or "Leave".

My belief is clear: AMERICAN FAMILIES FIRST.   

Upcoming Events

Town Hall meeting and Fund Raising drive to be announced soon.  Ideas and volunteers needed.  Lets all support our community with a commonsense approach to debate that will benefit Anaheim and Santa Ana. 

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Real Testimonials

Russ Lambert uses a common scense approach to keeping families together, way to go Russ.  

Mario R, Santa Ana

I like his values on immigration, keeping families together, your on target Russ.  

Emilia S. Anaheim, CA

I don't like Republicans, however after speaking to Russ Lambert about his values, I was impressed.  Im sure he will do great in Congress.  Go Get'em Russ.  Maj. Tomas S. USMC (ret) 

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Promoting a Stronger Local Economy

Lowering State and Local taxes, means more money in the pockets of business owners and workers.  More money in the hands of consumers means greater spending in our community.

We the people, need to remove excess taxation and frivolous government spending, I want to be your representative in Washington. 

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Russ Lambert is a well rounded individual who is knowledgeable and well spoken in protecting our freedoms. 

He has a Military, Law Enforcement, and Banking background, he will speak up and voice out the concerns that will benefit all people in Santa Ana and Anaheim.   William B. USMC, Anaheim


Russell Rene Lambert, is a Republican that will voice out and stand steady for all Americans and Legal Residents in Santa Ana, Anaheim. and all across the United States.




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Russ is funding this fight out of his own pocket.  Any donation given will only guarantee that Russ can continue the fighting for you.

Russell Rene Lambert II, Congress, House of Representatives,46th District, Conservative, Fighting for Individual Freedoms, Less Government Regulations, Less Government Waste, Less Taxation, More  Government Accountability, More "RULE OF LAW Enforcement, More Family Values, Higher Pay, Better Working Conditions, Clean Air, Clean Water, Immigration Reform, Equality for All Americans regardless of Race. 


About Russ


Born in Los Angeles, Russ knows what it means to not only be a Californian, but to be a part of SoCal.  Preservation of Southern California's economic values, including less regulation and less taxation will be Russ' priority.


Having served from 85-92 in the US Marines, and participating in Desert Storm.  Russ knows what it means to go above and beyond in service of country and community.


As a father, you can be guaranteed that Russ Lambert will not waver when it comes to family issues.  Especially in ensuring that justice protects the family, not destroys it.